Reach for your Sanity - Ssh.... ? ... :-)

Whenever we simply let the 'thinker' mentality fall way, then Life - simply felt or known - flows and expresses itself tangibly through you.

The static noise of thinking mind is a mask and veil over Living awareness.
I call it Living because we do not make it or define it with our thought - but by it we know that we are and that anything is.
And because it simply is - such awareness is of a shared or open mind rather than a withheld mind and is our Life and the source of inspiration and guidance.

Letting the inspiration flow requires trust of self and life beyond the bounds set by thinking. For that little mind will come back in and say “No - you are supposed to be still!” Or - “You don't have any right to express or embody spontaneously because you are flawed, separate, ignorant, impure, unenlightened”.

So at some point we become willing to trust into a flow of being that is not privately or exeternally self-authorized or self-validating - but allows Life in Its Own Terms - even if it may still look like the same life from a conventional perspective.

Our enlightenment expression is denied by the assertion of a separate thinking mind that identifies itself within a body. The self-apart or ego mentality.
To mimic Life is the ego's speciality - except it doesn't and cannot know what anything Really is - so can only assert its own definitions and meanings to the forms of your experience.
Yet to risk into flowing with life is to feel or relax through the emotion backed images of ego and allow the clarity of conscious awareness to rise exactly as it is.

The more we let spirit through us the less we are able to buy into or be hoodwinked by false desires and loveless thinking, pieces of nothing that cost our appreciation of joy.

Whatever gets us to open to living truth connects us with the inner knowing - which is awake as guidance within - even as you listen or read or practice in the world.
And its purpose is to reveal you to you - as You.
One step at a time.
In freely given willingness, awakened desire and restored trust.

It isn't a getting there so much as a giving from an awakened Here in order to remember Who You Are.

Brian Steere

"You are assured of success, because That Which is Divinely Sane never successfully became insane. … Reach for Your Sanity by shutting up, … becoming curious, and Listening.

And do it. Do it! Do it throughout Your day … – throughout Your days. … …