Who Is?

In Search of the Self

Who searches for self but one who believes they have lost it!
Who is it asks the question 'who am I?
If it is a statement in the form of a question, then the assertion of "I" is defined as a 'who' - and free to identify and construct itself amidst a wide range of thought, feeling and behaviour - and then assert this 'self' while continuing to adapt to its own unrecognized reflections.
If there is a true desire to know your self - then put aside all this masquerade and abide in the true desire. IT will tell you or connect you with - all you need to know. But not as the appendage to "I am 'this' or 'that'. That is not knowing so much as rehearsing in idea and having an experience from it. There is no one who can show me a self and there is no one who can really not be who they are - regardless the presented appearances of form and communication.
Perhaps it is simply the human journey thus far, to discover or re-cognize and re-member who they are after first experiencing and recognizing who they are NOT!
Seeking in the only place where answers are kept out - is the exclusive and rejecting sense of self that mistakes itself in the idea of power over Life. Where two or more are gathered in ignorance and arrogance - Life is not recognized - nor the pain of life denied truly acknowledged.
Models, like images and symbols - are not the thing they point to - and are not the basis to define what they point to. That is back to front.