If I was... then I'd be...

"If I Was In Better Shape, I'd Be More Confident"

I confess I saw the title of this youtube video promotion, took in a few comments of it and apart from some random dips, did not go into the whole video.

Whenever I am in touch with the true basis for self-trust, there isn't even self-consciousness of lack of 'confidence' nor of using the 'shape I'm in' as a judgement of worth.

Invalidating thinking undermines a natural capacity of receptivity and response as the idea of invalid-ity. And while I am believing such judgements as true of me - including the societal environment of judgements that tap into my own, I have to at least work with that as part of recognizing I am doing that - and what I get out of it and why.

Lack of true self-acceptance is masked of persona that then seeks external validation in substitution for what it does not accept for itself.There are reasons in our conditioning that set us in the patterns we have as part of strategies of adapting to a society that felt UN-loving, and UN-trustworthy - and there are deeper perspectives in that original imprinting that are available in revisiting it that were not available then.

Seeking for something from an unconscious belief that you lack it - can seem to become all sorts of things but cannot exceed its starting place. You can only rest in who you feel and know yourself to be - not in anything you are trying to be. However, a sense of power is appropriate to reclaim from a sense of powerlessness - but if we look for it in terms of powerlessness we get caught in an illusion of power that costs us our core humanity - and this is writ large in the world right now. A false masculine power operates upon the denial and subjugation of the receptive and expressive because those are seen as weakening the CONCEPT of power to which wholeness of life is sacrificed.

Ok so that's deep. But at root - your core sense of worth is not determined by anything ABOUT you - unless of course you say so. That flies in the face of all societal conditioning because societal conditioning covers who we really are with a 'face'.

Movement and action from a willingness to feel a true sense of worth does more than thinking about anything. We grow what we live FROM - and that is how we lost a true appreciation of our Life; by coming FROM a need to limit and hide and present ourselves acceptable or defend ourselves from pain. The law doesn't change - but now we can use it on purpose - rather than grabbing at whatever worked for what our need was then. Some of this is appearing in the ideas in the presentation but it is adulterated with the winning/losing paradigm. Only fear of losing needs to be a winner. Who sets up to fail - but the one who HAS to be a winner?