Wikileaks - a glitch in the matrix of sleep?

When Gordon Brown forgot to turn off his microphone after an interview with a voter that he found frustrating, his frustrations expressed themselves in a judgemental outburst of opinion against the voter to whom he had felt obliged to be diplomatic with in person.

He was vilified for this - even though such behaviour is in one way or another, normal, for very very many human beings.

The separation of public and private communication is the act of secrecy and guile or self serving strategic presentations so as to protect a mythological self - which itself a strategy of attempting to compartmentalize and manage irreconcilable beliefs, thoughts and desires.

The psychological or mythological self is a kind of self-mesmerising propaganda whose first charge is to attract, engage and manipulate one’s own attention and perception so as to seem to validate or serve the interests of one’s self image.

We then come to believe our outward assertions even though they are inconsistent with our private thoughts and belied by our actual awareness.
We live as if our opinions were in any way fact - or as if our own private thoughts were in any way true.

This is such a normal element of human culture and communication that it is rendered almost invisible - and our notions of normalcy and sanity tend to be based on such lack of honesty as the ‘honest’ management of what is regarded as human nature.

Underneath the superficial presentations and illusions of civilisation is held to be stark, brute - if not demonic - self will. That unbridled would rape, plunder and destroy or seduce, usurp and possess.

The fear that this is so is enough to prevent the discovery that it is not so in the way that our fear makes seem. For at back of all private or secret agenda for self interest - is fear, insecurity, disconnectedness and distrust.

So our rampant self-will is suppressed yet used in secret amidst the guise of communicating - yet without allowing real communication to occur. For the nature of the mentality is that of managing and manipulating based on prior assertions of self - rather than discovering and meeting life - oneself - in each other.

Yet life is beyond managing and our attempts to do so only reinforce our self delusion - which seems undeniably real to us in our mutually interacting mythological or psychological one-up-man-ship.

When our cover is blown - when the lid is removed - the exposure tends to be experienced as humiliating loss, pain, shame and weakness. Damage control seeks to avoid this. But that is still living out from the delusional basis and attempting to get back under cover and put the lid on whatever is seen as the problem. Seeking to restore self-illusion as a consistent sense of reality.

But in crisis and catastrophic systems failure we also experience being open. And in apparent powerlessness we also experience something of the nature of trust and of being genuine; open with our own being and straight with others. Where we cannot afford to lie.

Until some measure of awakening to the true nature of the mind, and a direct appreciation of life becomes our responsibility - the ‘defensive mechanism’ of a false sense of self runs unchecked and by default.

In assertion of a falsely based sense of self we experience everything ‘through a lens darkly’. We see anything that undermines our ‘self interest’ as enemy - and in one way or another seek to limit, deny or kill it.

The opportunity of uncovering such a mentality within ourselves is not to react according to its ‘laws’ - but to stop, listen, and wait for the wisdom that must arise in our own hearts because we have made welcome for it instead of operating an exclusion zone.