Beyond Reality - The Limits of Knowing
Also linked to on iai.tv as the arrogance of knowing?

I felt a desire to essay something on 'reality'. Here it is:

At the root of any apparent conflict is a definition out of true.
If the term reality is accorded to experience - then any and all experience on any kind of any 'level' is a facet of all that reality can be experienced as.

But in order to HAVE an experience, there has to be a definition of oneself in relation to 'something'.

The native experience of anything conceivable or imaginable within awareness, is not in any moment, way, shape or form, different or separate FROM the awareness OF.

Un-separate or unified experience is therefore pure or open or innocent experience prior to any action of self-other differentiation, desire or identification that may arise as mental overlay or lens of a personal sense of meanings upon the pure creation that is the rested nature of Mind-Reflection.

However, crystalizing within the expereince of Otherness or separation - gives rise to the sense of a world outside what is now being defined and accepted and therefore experienced as over and against oneself.

For every action is equal and opposite reaction in Consciousness, but the assertion of attempt to coerce or control what is now defined as 'other' self or otherness of world, reflects back - as every Idea in consciousness reflects back.

The mind in reaction conditions itself by its experience as a mapping and meaning structure or model of reality that substitutes for the direct and spontaneous knowing of unified experience, apparently usurping functions in consciousness to a personal achievement, of discovery, and manipulation or control.

The losing of conscious awarenes of integral being or embrace within unified awareness is the shadow cost of the seeming capacity of independent authorative will, that believes it operates privately upon life as if from a point outside it. And becomes the basis for the fear of losing its private sense of life or self and the guilt of living at the cost of a greater wholeness of shared communication and reflection.

Fear and guilt effectively lock the mind into concrete set patterns of defence that operates in such a way as to displace and dissociate the now split and intolerably conflicted consciousness of identity at war within itself.

The contraction of fear and the denial of awareness and communication of guilt render a frozen consciousness in which eveything is predicated upon the denial of consciousness excepting the trickle of a personal sense of control amidst the crystalisation of limitation in reaction, which is fear directed to look away from the conflict within by projecting its conflict upon the outer of the body, others, the world, and onto Life Itself or God as a sense of a rejecting, disconnecting, abandoning or and unsupporting absence. Which in turn 'justifies' angry and assertive or self-righteous defiance as well as attempts to validate or atone or regain a sense of meaning that such identity/experience of Life no longer shares.

The assertion of a separative idea or intent inherently shuts off communication and support and limits or depletes even as it seems to rise to become a power unto itself. The disntegration of a falsely identified self can only give way to the true, but while framed in the paradign of self-assertive power, will not be recognized, or accepted, but seem to be the proof of power over life in death.

Reintegration of seemingly split mind or self to Consciousness Itself is a matter of willingness to receive as a result of not identifying in reaction of past conditioning.
What may seem to be loss of self to a serving of the whole is in fact a willingess to receive the will of the whole as it resonates and is relevant to the reintegrating and innately joyful or insired purpose that is within the communioned sense of shared existence.

All abilities developed within the mind within its adaption to a time-space continuity of unfolding now serve a different foundation than that of a personal survival amidst fear and guilt defined conditioning. Giving forth a whole or inspiring quality of being within the forms of relations in the world draws forth a different response. Despite all appearances to the contrary, the consciousness itself is transformed via the re-exposure of denied fear and guilt that in willingness, are released and replaced with more fluid and open definitional structure of belief until the flow of creative spontanaity is balanced as a flow of relational being within the experience of consciousness within Consciousness. Some differentiation is part of remaining in the physical focus, but the expansion of that focus as fear is released and joy embrace reveals ever more of a true reflection of the reality of who it is you as this unique expression, have in effect chosen or accepted to be.

The reality of all that is, is infinite in all and every sense and not just in material/energetic dimension. Mind is without limit of ANY kind and so what can be known is ONLY of That and yet as a unique relation of the part and parts in the whole and the whole in the part/s.

Arriving at the understanding that we cannot understand reality or totality opens the way to understanding what we need to understand, when we need to understand it relative to the movement of being as it resonates and is relevant to the themes that effect a facet of specific focus, within an All At Once or timeless and Infinitely expanding totality, for although there is nothing OUTSIDE existence into which to expand, the fundamental nature of Creation is open or free BECAUSE there is no limiting factor of otherness and is therefore free to create along any line of thought by extending through Idea within itself.

Everything is Consciousness. Belief can align to share or extend it or imagine itself differentiated. The only 'difference' to true is false, to awareness is forgetting, to life is death. A false binary operates the foundation of what we define as a mind-matter split. However the true-awareness-life exists in and of itself, but the false-forgetting-death depends on choosing NOT to know by identifying in the belief one knows in place of actual yielding to the condition of knowing.

Withholding life is not survival, apart from others, but it can be a framework of a particular kind of experience in which to clearly know what you are NOT. This then is a portal to Remembering the reality of what you ARE - which is beyond all definition as is the reality of everything and everyone. Yet true alignment or relation to the Infinite identifies you perfectly as integrally one with and part of all that is.

Determining reality operates the either/or mentality of self segregating assertion, One may determine what one feels and believes to be and thus embrace that experience of reality by so doing, and share that into Consciousness by living it - but one does not establish reality for anyone else excepting within one's own virtual personae of them. Mutual agreements seem to determine reality and find the evidences that serve as validation. But below the believed experience of self certainties is an Infinitely more alive nature and condition that forever shifts and changes the very consciousness with which one sets up such structures.

This is Good News - although that which attempts to become comfortable within its own determinations will not see it so. Life is ever anew and ever renewing and this is also our experience of every moment of our existence insofar as we do not take Life for granted or become too busy managing fragmented complexity to notice and feel the wondrous.